Get a more engaged audience with us

We can create effective marketing campaigns that allow our customers to communicate with their target audience, attract potential customers and increase profits.

We will help you to promote and market any kind of product or service. During our collaboration we will analyze your target audience, your product or your service. We will investigate the market. Finally we will develop an effective advertising strategy based on our findings.


Story of creation


We are Artem and Anastasiia - a good team in daily life and in work as well. We created our marketing agency with a view to combining both our knowledge and experience to achieve better results in working with clients.


Anastasiia main strength is creating and maintaining your profiles on Facebook and Instagram. She always follows the trends of social networks, due to which you will keep up to date.

Anastasiia has her own original look and is also engaged in copywriting. Your profile on Facebook and Instagram will not only be beautifully visual but also informative. Anastasiia will correctly tell about your product or service and help to gain the interest of potential customers as much as possible.

Anastasiia also has experience in working with international clients, so your profiles may be in a foreign language as well.


We respect the valuable time of our customers, so all assignments are completed within a strict time schedule

 Professional Approach

Follow your money and keep a close watch on the results. Every action will be checked by the indicators CPC, CPA, CPM, CTR, CPL, CPS

 Always in trend

We have a lot of clients in different branches and we always follow the latest trends in marketing and promotion


Ads Manager

Create and set up an effective advertising campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. Advertisements will be shown on Facebook, Instagram and the mobile advertising network.

Instagram tools

We use the most innovative methods to find your target audience. After defining your audience, we start to interact with your potential customers using more than three instagram tools.

Generate & Post

Generate and post interesting content on your social networks to engage your audience. An important component of each promotional campaign.


Create and configure an advertising campaign. During this campaign, we will select the best keywords, with minimal costs and high involvement.

Site & Graphic

We are engaged in the creation of websites, as well as other graphics that will be necessary for the effective promotion of your product or service.

Other methods

Other methods of contact with potential customers such as: email newsletters, sms newsletters, WhatsApp newsletters and much more.